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Are you ready to protect your oral health care in the midst of the season of sugar? This Halloween, it is essential to make sure effective oral health hygiene habits and candy guidelines are firmly in place. If you forgo the sugar rush, your smile can survive this season and many more holidays to come.

As always, stay away from the excessive consumption of sugar. Sugar can be transformed into harmful acids in your mouth that rapidly promote tooth decay and enamel erosion. As an alternative, swap sugary sweets for healthy treats that have a high water content. Furthermore, avoid sticky or chewy sweets that can linger in your mouth. Also, avoid hard candies and snacks that can easily chip or crack your teeth.

If you have any loved ones who you wish to take care of, you can still allow them to enjoy all of the fun that comes with trick-or-treating without the oral health risks that may follow. An effective technique to consider is an incentive program that rewards your children for giving up their candy. This means you can have them swap out their candy with you for money, toys, or other rewards. For more oral health care treatments for yourself and your loved ones, consider professional cleanings and oral checkups at your dentist.

If you need additional protection, and need to set up an appointment with Dr. Daniel Richards at Daniel Richards, DMD, please call us to at (205) 823-6300, or stop by our office in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. We wish you a ‘spooktacular’ Halloween!