Extracted Teeth Can Be Replaced By a Bridge

There are times when a tooth might suffer from such extensive decay or damage that not even your ’s highly skilled dentists’ hands can save it. To prevent pain, infection and future complications they might recommend extracting the tooth completely. Once your gums have fully healed, they can then help you to explore your options… Read more »

If You Notice a Cavity You Should Have It Repaired Immediately

A cavity is a general term used to describe a small to medium sized area of tooth decay. If a cavity goes ignored for too long, the decay will continue to spread. This could result in serious complications, including pain, infection and even complete loss of the tooth. If you notice a change in texture… Read more »

Your New Partial Requires Daily Care and Cleaning

When fitted your partial, it effectively restored the function and appearance of your missing or extracted teeth. While the partial is crafted from artificial materials that aren’t vulnerable to bacteria and tooth decay, it will still require some basic daily care and cleaning. Denture adhesive is a popular way for partial wearers to get some… Read more »

Night Guards Can Relieve Your Bruxism

Welcome to the practice of Daniel Richards, DMD and his team where we provide comprehensive dental care for our patients in Vestavia Hills, Alabama! Have you been experiencing tooth problems due to night-time teeth grinding? If so, you are not alone. This common problem afflicts many people today, and according to the Bruxism Association, nearly… Read more »