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Have you noticed any symptoms of TMJ disorder affecting your life? These may involve pain that occurs near the ears, tenderness and pain in the jaw, locking in the jaw open or closed or making chewing difficult. TMJ disorder is also referred to as TMD, and it can develop as a result of pre-existing conditions like bruxism and chronic stress.

There are many causes that can lead to the development of TMD, which is why we recommend consulting our dentist, Dr. Daniel Richards, so that you can better understand your condition and discuss the treatments that can improve your condition. For example bruxism, which is a condition that can cause nightly teeth grinding, can result in the development or worsening of TMD due to stress on the jaw.

Another common cause of TMD and its symptoms is chronic stress, and this effect has been known to make TMD and bruxism worse. We offer some treatment strategies to help you lower your stress levels and enhance your oral health. It’s important to make an effort to get enough sleep every night, and you may find that sleeping on your back improves your jaw because it relieves pressure on the area. Make sure your pillow is firm so that it can maintain a healthy alignment of your shoulders, neck and your head, as well as provide softness to relax your muscles while you sleep.

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