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As we age, our teeth can become weak, and our oral health can begin to decline. However, keeping your diet healthy can help keep your teeth healthy and strong too! That is why, our team here with Daniel Richards, DMD in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, is happy to share with you these diet tips for your oral health:

– Stay away from products that have high amounts of sugar.

– Avoid foods and drinks that are known to contain substances that are acidic in nature or can be converted into acids within your mouth.

– Be aware that foods that cling to your teeth and gums can be difficult to clean away and contribute to an increased risk of dental erosion.

– Avoid products that can easily stain and discolor your teeth. However, if you do eat tooth staining products, visit your dentist for a tooth whitening session.

– Various minerals and foods can help to strengthen your tooth enamel. Focus on a diet that includes several enamel building snacks.

– Avoid snacking at random times during the day. Limit snacking to large meals only.

– Focus on substances that maintain saliva balance in your mouth.

As you can see, there are things you can do to keep your oral health in top-notch shape and provide you with positive oral health long-term. By maintaining a healthy diet, you can keep your smile healthy, and your body healthy for years to come. If you need an oral health checkup, please call us at (205) 823-6300 to make an appointment. Dr. Daniel Richards looks forward to assisting you.