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Treating your smile often consists of many levels. Not only do we need to have proper oral hygiene, but it’s important to make sure that if any damage should arise, it is effectively treated with a tooth restoration. In situations where cavities are present in teeth, a tooth restoration known as a dental filling will be needed to help restore the proper functionality of a tooth to prevent further decay from occurring.

Effective oral health care is needed to prevent dental erosion from destroying your smile. Because harmful acids can arise due to numerous causes, including your diet, it’s important to make sure you’re always keeping your mouth clean with oral health care and hygiene treatment. However, if a cavity should arise, it will need to be effectively treated with a dental filling. Composite dental fillings are extremely beneficial for protecting your smile as they go on strong and fill in any decaying teeth with a durable filling material.

To repair teeth that have suffered from dental erosion, composite dental fillings will be needed. Composite fillings are also known as tooth-colored fillings because they can be color-coded to naturally blend in seamlessly with your smile and mimic the color of your teeth. Furthermore, composite fillings are extremely effective for sealing the margins of a tooth to prevent leakage. In addition, they are mercury-free and more preventative to fracture then dental amalgams are. They’re also extremely durable and can last up to 10 years before a replacement is needed. If they do need to be replaced, they can be repaired many times over without having to remove the original filling.

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