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One of the newest, fastest growing dental services at Daniel Richards, DMD is teeth-whitening treatments. Even if you have yellowish teeth or sparkly pearly whites, teeth-whitening can actively give you a brighter whiter smile is as little as one office visit. With all the products floating around the market today, it is important to speak with your dentist to determine which one is right for you.

Using a whitening toothpaste while you brush your teeth is a popular and convenient way to brighten minor surface stains. Just keep in mind that the concentration of whitening agents in whitening toothpaste isn’t potent enough to brighten moderate to deeply stained teeth.

Wearing whitening strips is a convenient way of whitening your smile while you go about your day. They are essentially a clear, plastic film that has been covered with a special topical form of hydrogen peroxide. While you’re wearing them, the casual observer won’t even notice they’re in your mouth. When you’re using them, you should not eat, drink, chew gum or use tobacco products.

If your teeth are deeply stained, you will need Dr. Daniel Richards to perform a dental bleaching treatment. This is the safest, most effective way to whiten tooth enamel. If you use tobacco on a regular basis, this might be the only way to thoroughly whiten your teeth.

If you would like to make an appointment to get your teeth professionally whitened by Dr. Daniel Richards, please call our office at (205) 823-6300 or come to our office in Vestavia Hills, Alabama.