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If you sometimes skip your routine dental checkups, a seemingly small cavity on one of your teeth can go undiagnosed and ultimately untreated. As time goes on the area of tooth decay can spread and weaken the structural integrity of the tooth. In some of these cases the compromised tooth could suffer a severe fracture, requiring a total extraction.

After the affected gum tissues have healed and any potential infection has passed you should consider the dental restorations offered by our dentist, Dr. Daniel Richards. After a basic examination, he can help you understand your options for replacing the missing tooth. In many of these cases the patient may choose to have the tooth restored by a dental implant.

The process starts with minimally invasive procedure where our dentist inserts a titanium dental implant into the existing bone tissues beneath the void. As time goes on the titanium can naturally bond with the natural structure of your mouth to effectively replicate the strength of the tooth’s original root.

When it’s ready, our dentist will prepare a strong abutment, which will provide and anchor for a dental crown. If the restored tooth will be prevalent when you smile he might recommend using a porcelain dental crown which mimics naturally white tooth enamel.

If you live in the Vestavia Hills, Alabama, area and you have recently lost a tooth to a severe cavity, you should call (205) 823-6300 to set up an appointment at Daniel Richards, DMD.